State vs Federal land Meeting

State vs Federal land control/ownership is an issue today.  Emotions and fears run wild over something that most do not understand what it is all about.  Just why is there federal lands when the Constitution clearly does not allow for it?  Why is the issue land control an issue today?  Is there a connection to resource health, wildfires, and state & local economies and jobs?  What can be done to solve the dilemma?   To help all of us to better understand how we got to where we are at today and where we are headed, the Four Corners 9/12  and the South West Public Lands Coalition are co-hosting an information meeting Monday May 18th, at 7:00 p.m. , to be held at the Cortez Elks Lodge.  To be presenting the information we have all been wondering about is a representative for the American Lands Council, who has been working with the western States who share the same problems in land ownership and resource management.  The spokesperson to be here will be Montana Senator Jennifer Fielder, who has just recently been dealing with the issue in the State of Montana.  You will see from her Biographical outline here, she is extremely well qualified to be dealing with the complex issues at both the ground level resource management and the  political level.  This is an informational meeting to help us better understand the issue and to later, set our own direction and goals.  This is not a time for debate or a hearing, but to be informed on the “big picture”.  The meeting is open to the public. See the Bio of Senator Fielder below, to know her qualifications to speak on the subject.  Mark your calender and join us as we seek to set the course to improve the health of our forests, range, wildlife, water, recreation, jobs and economy!