Four Corners 9/12 Project has closely examined these issues from both a LIBERTY and GOVERNANCE perspective. We make the following recommendations for your consideration. If you wish to examine these more closely, in the actual language, go to the Colorado Secretary of State website, voting and elections, initiatives on the ballot.
Amendment V Assembly age (Constitutional amendment)
OPPOSE lowers age for state legislators from 25 to 21 years. A member of the legislature should have some life experiences in business, industry, or labor in order to have a grasp of how things work.
Amendment W Election Ballot Format for Judicial Retention Elections (constitutional amendment)
Amendment X Industrial Hemp Definition (Constitutional amendment)
Amendment Y Congressional Redistricting (for Federal office) (Constitutional amendment)
OPPOSE will not change partisanship of current system. Creates a different 12 member board to redraw districts after the Census, at least one of which must be from the western half of the state. Still provides for judicial review but on a more limited basis.
Amendment Z Legislative Redistricting (for State office) (Constitutional amendment)
OPPOSE ditto
Amendment A Prohibit Slavery and Involuntary Servitude in All Circumstances (Constitutional amendment)
OPPOSE may negatively affect ‘chain gangs’ and community service sentencing. Removes the exception to involuntary servitude for the conviction of a crime.
Amendment 73 Funding for Public Schools (Constitutional amendment)
OPPOSE many new taxes and convoluted formulae. This would put school funding in the state Constitution, creating an unaccountable appointed board, circumventing the legislative authority for ‘tax and spend’. Also greatly alters the way your real estate taxes are valuated and distributed. Other taxing districts, which receive funding from real estate taxes, will necessarily see a decrease while the separate school fund would increase.
Amendment 74 Just Compensation for Reduction in Fair Market Value by Government Law or Regulation (Constitutional amendment)
APPROVE adds ‘reduction in market value’ to the ‘takings’ clause of the state Constitution

Amendment 75 Campaign Contributions (Constitutional amendment)
OPPOSE this seems reasonable at first glance. We oppose any campaign finance limitations except for disclosure. This is also so easily circumvented as to be meaningless.
Proposition 109 – Authorize Bonds for Transportation Projects (Statutory)
APPROVE authorizes the sale of revenue bonds for completion of specified highway projects without raising taxes and restricts administrative overhead
Proposition 110 Transportation Funding (Statutory)
OPPOSE more new taxes for highways, bike paths and mass transit on the Front Range. Let them raise their own taxes, not ours.
Proposition 111 Payday Loans (Statutory)
APPROVE brings allowed interest rates in line with other banking regulations                                       OPPOSE puts government in the middle of what should be a free economic decision between parties
Proposition 112 Setback Requirement for Oil and Gas Development (Statutory)
OPPOSE changes the required setback from 500 to 2500 feet from (c) “vulnerable areas” means playgrounds, permanent sports fields, amphitheaters, public parks, public open space, public and community drinking water sources, irrigation canals, reservoirs, lakes, rivers, perennial or intermittent streams, and creeks, and any additional vulnerable areas designated by the state or a local government. ‘Additional vulnerable areas’ can mean anything at any time. This would effectively shut down the oil and gas industry in the State.
Two initiatives of local impact are also on the ballot:
Mill levy increase for Lewis-Arriola Fire district
Term limit increase for District Attorney
Four Corners 9/12 remains neutral on these two issues.