Montezuma BOCC notes 3/10

A few notes of possible interest from the latest County Commission Meeting.

Jim Andrus from the local weather bureau mentioned that the 90 day forecast is for warmer and normal precip.  Right now we are behind in precip.  Also mentioned that the San Juan Snow pack is around 95% of normal.  That is good, just hope we don’t get a lot of hot dry winds to evaporate it.

Road reports are always interesting to see where work is being done.  One particular item discussed was the long time effort to relocate the junction of County road 23 and St. Hwy 184 just west of Narraguinnep reservoir.  The several year effort of working with CDOT finally came to fruition and the ok’s came in and the local County crew was cleared to do the clearing work.  On Wednesday (today), I happened to drive by that locale and the County did not waste any time, they already had their equipment and crew on site and had the clearing whipped out.  There is a pic or two in this report.

County Road work

County Road work

Sheriff reported on the Avalanche tragedy where a Snowmobile rider had been lost on the back of Sharks Tooth.  Extensive efforts had been made to locate him to no avail.  the Rider had apparently been lost under 30 feet of snow.  After all professional sources had been exhausted the decision had to be made to withdraw efforts and wait for snowmelt  in the spring, due to safety of searchers and knowing there was no longer any possibility of survival.  It was noted that the very next day another avalanche covered the search site with another 30 feet of snow for a total accumulation of 60 feet.   The Sheriff complimented the searchers for their extremely hard work and dedication.

A discussion took place regarding the proposed ordinance restricting the importing of non-native species into the County.  After considerable discussion it was decided to postpone the current proposed draft and gather more information.  Statement was made that it would be best to wait and get it right rather than have to continually be correcting it later on.

For the public interested in what is happening in the County, the Commission meetings are open to the public to observe.  Also, their minutes of the meetings are posted on the County website that is easy to use.  Also, the Sheriff’s office is on Facebook, and posts updates daily  as reports and issues come in, which is very helpful in keeping up with emergencies, and just knowing what is happening in the County.  Check out these information sources, don’t rely on heresay and rumor.