Montezuma BOCC 3/17

MONTEZUMA Board of County Commissioners 3/17/14
Following is a summation of what was heard at the BOCC bold lettering is this editors remarks!
RESOLUTION was presented by Jim Law for the BOCC to support requesting the State Joint Budget Committee to restore funding to K-12 that was taken away during the past budget crisis. The legislative body was to be voting on the budget this Thursday. The resolution was approved to be sent.
ROADS report. The new Road Supervisor was introduced, who is Rob Englehart, a long time resident and experience in the private industry of construction. The County Weed control supervisor reported that he has been working on a newly found outbreak of “Mediterranean Sage”, a class A noxious weed. This was reported in the Summit Ridge area. First time this has been reported in this part of the state, and no known source of the invasion has been determined. This weed can spread rapidly and can be toxic to livestock. Anyone finding this weed be sure to report it to the County Weed Program at telephone 565-0580 Here is a picture from the Colorado Weed Mgt. Assoc
001 (7)FEDERAL PROGRAMS updated the BOCC of progress on their actions.
BLM, Reported that they will be working on the Tres Rios travel management plan. Starting by
identifying various land features such as roads, fences, arky sites, etc.. Will want to have a work
session with the County to identify roads and other features . They have been getting maps from the
County GIS office. They are working with Dolores County on same issues and have a work session
scheduled for Apr. 29th there. Montezuma County work session will be scheduled late Apr. also.
Marietta Heaton of Canyon of the Ancients reported that a new volunteer group will be helping to
restores the surface damage from the unpermitted fuel wood cutting. They will be doing the work April
26th. Mentioned that the recent rains have already helped a lot. That is normal for disturbed areas, and
disturbance is required to get a good take of grasses. The “disturbance” will likely help in accelerating
new vegetation in the area. The volunteer group is organized and promoted by “Conservation Land
Foundation”, Brian O’Donnel l (sp?) Also mentioned that a “Southwest Willow Fly Catcher” was
spotted at a reservoir in the area. Said it was a single and at the open pond, not in the normal willow
habitat. Sounds like another attempt at a T&E disaster in the making?
Forest Service was represented by Ranger Padilla. The F.S. is beginning to work on the Rico/West
Dolores Travel management plan. They held a preliminary meeting for public involvement.
Commissioner Chappell asked what they “heard” at this meeting? Padilla said he heard that the
Counties want to be directly involved on a government to government basis, NOT just as another public
input. Said that was heard LOUD & CLEAR! Regarding projects, for the coming year, mentioned that
their recreation budget was reduced 36% , with the monies going to higher use districts. However they
did get a 5% increase in trail maintenance. This will help as they begin work to start the Mountain Bike
trail from Dolores to House Creek. This year the trail will be developed from bottom of the hill in town
to the top or the hill. Question was asked about Sage Hen camping/picnic area. They will work with
citizens groups, but would be unable to do any management or development due to budget cuts.
Padilla gave a list of 10 priority projects for the District in 2014, these were: 1. Burnt Ridge EA of 4200
acres for future aspen work. 2. Glade Landscape Grazing Allotment EA to analyze 8 cattle allotments.
3. Tenderfoot Grazing Allotment EA to analyze to expand allotment and improvements. 4. Lake Canyon
Forest Health and Fuels Reduction EA for proposed timber harvest and treatment of 3,460 acres of bark
beetle outbreak. 5. District Special Use and Recreation Event Renewals, for 4 existing specials uses for
commercial outfitter and guide businesses. 6. Kinder Morgan 3-D Seismic Exploration oversight of Doe
Canyon project. 7. Rico/West Dolores Travel Management Plan project. To designate roads and trails
to be left open to public access and use. 8. Tri-State Transmission Line Upgrade, to provide support as
necessary of the EA already in progress. 9. Land Special Use Permit Requests as needed. 10. Conduct
EA’s on various small projects proposals. It is noted how the emphasis of the Forest Service works has
changed to one of conducting environmental analyses rather than conducting land and resource
management actions to improve the resources and local economy. The beetle killed area, small aspen
sale and a bike trail being the exceptions.
FAIR Manager reported on a really good Agriculture Expo this past week. Up coming events are the Gun
Show April 25-27. Mr. Blackwell said this will be BIG and have lots of variety of events such as a car
show, quick draw exhibition, barber shop etc. Also the Home and Garden Show will be May 2-3, Then
the 12 hours to Mesa Verde bike race. Ms. Gregory of the bike group mentioned that this event has been a real economic boost to local economy and their over cost revenues go to local charities. Last year the group contributed $43,000 to the Pinon Project, 4 Corners Child Advocacy and SW Open School.
ORDINANCE to deal with endangered species problem was discussed and two new re-drafts were looked at. One to deal with the Gunnison Sage Grouse specifically and the other to deal with all T&E and or proposed T&E species and proposed critical habitat. With input from the local Dist. Game Manager, it was determined that the all T&E specie draft would be best , as this does not confuse the issue of “non-native” species. The new draft Ordinance will need to go through a public hearing, which hopefully will be April 21st. The Commission asked if the DOW was going to continue meeting with them, to which the Manager , Matt Thorpe, said that was his intent and their desire to do so. It is really good to see the State DOW & Parks starting to interact with the County BOCC , as this will be very beneficial to help develop the hunting, fishing and dispersed recreation opportunity and economy.