Montezuma BOCC 2/24

Overview of our “view” of selected presentations given that may be of particular interest to some of you regarding the Montezuma County Board of Commissioners on Feb. 24th, 2014
Heard some interesting reports from personnel from the roads dept. updates on the rock crusher operations and locations where major road work will be taking place.
BLM appeared for monthly discussions. Several items were discussed, first was that they will be starting on a “Master Development Plan” for the Canyon of the Ancients. Arky survey done on first segment. It contained 12,000 pages. Yes that is THOUSAND! Those are terribly expensive surveys to map hunters campfires, etc. The BLM mentioned that they plan to put up 3 gates to close motorized road access from those locations. Justification was that there had been some trespass firewood cutting that disturbed the soil surface. The violator has been found a sited. Editors note, is that there was no request made for the legal procedures to implement proper road closings. BLM transportation person was at the meeting and discussed that they were beginning to design the parking areas for the Sand Canyon site and also working on the trail system from Phil’s world to Mesa Verde and Mancos.
Colorado State DOW Area Manager Matt Thorpe met with the BOCC to begin establishing a quarterly meeting and discussion between the DOW and the County. This is a very good beginning of what should have been happening. This was initiated by Mr. Thorpe, and so our thanks go to him for taking this first step. Some questions were asked about the fisheries planting potential endangered fish species to establish new areas for them. The response was that the one that took place was due to some confusion as to land ownership etc. and apologies made and assurance it would happen like that again. HOWEVER, the purpose of such plantings were to attempt to be “proactive” to prevent the species from becoming listed. This editors definition is: cowtow to what ever the radical environmental groups want through the federal FWS. There definitely needs to be follow up “discussions” and actions regarding such actions.
The County Commission meetings are open to the public and this commission allot a time early on for any short public concerns and comments. It is very good to come at least once in a while and just observe. It is always informative and you get to see your elected leaders in action. The County has a website that you can access to see the meeting agenda and a host of other information, check it out.