May Meeting

May Meeting of Four Corners 9/12 is set up for Monday May 19th. 7:00 p.m. at the Elks Lodge in Cortez.  Agenda will be the vetting by question & answer for  the two GOP primary Sheriff candidates, incumbent Dennis Spruell and challenger Steve Nowlin.  In addition we will  also be vetting the GOP challenger to Scott Tipton for the Congressional House Dist. 3 seat.  We are asking you to have your questions prepared such that the question is short and pertinent to the job of Sheriff.  The question should be able to be asked in 30 seconds or less, to ensure all that want to question have an opportunity.  This is a job interview, you are the employer, so you want to determine who will do the best job for the times we are heading into.    Hope to see you Monday evening.