The Colorado Legislature met on the second Wednesday of January (13 Jan 2021), at 10:00 AM, in accordance with the Colorado Constitution.  They met for three days to take care of ceremonial and organizational business.  They then adjourned until 16 February 2021.  The Constitution mandates a 120 day session of the Legislature.  Due to the COVID virus, they asked for, and got from the State Supreme Court, a ruling that since the Constitution does not use the word ‘consecutive’, they only need to meet that number in any configuration during the year.


Committee meetings are continuing online via Skype, ZOOM, or whatever, and meetings of the ‘committee of the whole’ may also.


Below you will find some of the results of the first three days of the current session.




Legislative Proceedings During Disaster Emergency

Establishes rules for remote participation in committee.  PAYS PER-DIEM EVEN IF FROM HOME


Modify COVID-19 Relief Programs For Small Business

Changes ‘minority-owned’ to ‘disproportionately impacted’ for CARES Act grants.  Political correctness with many restrictions and requirements.  The main point here is to increase the budget and employee count of the administering agency.


Temporary Joint Rules

Modifies ‘Joint rule 44’ of the legislature.  Leads to complete authority and control by the Speaker of the House, President of the Senate, and/or an appointed committee of the Legislative Council during an ‘emergency’ declared by the Governor.