The legislature adjourned on 8 Jun 2021, four days ahead of schedule.  I guess they were afraid of doing too much more damage to our LIBERTY.  In the next couple of weeks we will look at what they actually passed and what the Governor signed or vetoed.  In Colorado he has three choices—sign, veto, and ignore and he has 30 days in which to do so.  If he neither signs nor vetoes the bill becomes law anyway.

Here are the last few bills introduced before adjournment.

SB21-293 Property Tax Classification And Assessment Rates

          This one is really bad.  A full analysis will come shortly

HB21-1327 State And Local Tax Parity Act For Businesses

Tries to make up for the $10000.00 limit on State and local tax deduction at the Federal level.

And there are two bills in the House—HB21-1329 and 1330—the sole purpose of which seems to be to spend money from the“American Rescue Plan Act of 2021″