Over the last four weeks, our legislators have introduced only about 60 new bills.  The first two are two of the worst.

As a reminder, we try to assess these bills through the ‘liberty lens’.  Almost ALL legislation is an assault on someone’s liberty so we pick the worst of the worst just to give you a flavor of what they are up to.

We would favor HCR21-1001 being done through legislation rather than in the Constitution.

HB21-1232 Standardized Health Benefit Plan Colorado Option

This is too onerous to describe and very complicated.  Looks like it will make private health insurance a thing of the past

HB21-1237 Competitive Pharmacy Benefits Manager Marketplace

Deals mostly with State employee health plans but also acts as the ‘nose under the tent’ for private drug insurance plans

HCR21-1001 Disabled Veterans Property Tax Exemption Eligibility

Submitting to the registered electors of the state of Colorado an amendment to the Colorado constitution concerning the expansion of eligibility for the property tax exemption for veterans with a disability to allow veterans with a disability that has been rated as at least a fifty percent permanent disability to claim the exemption.

HB21-1244 Restrictions On Collection And Use Of Biometric Info

The bill prohibits a legal entity that targets products or services to people in Colorado from collecting, storing, or using biometric identifiers of a Colorado consumer

HB21-1246 PERA Divestment From Fossil Fuel Companies

          Must also divest from companies indirectly connected to fossil fuels

HB21-1255 Protection Order Issued Against Domestic Abuser

          More regulation related to the ‘Red Flag’ law

HB21-1263 Meeting And Events Incentive Program

Provides for rebates of some of the costs of ‘eligible personal events’ (e.g. weddings) related to COVID, and meets other criteria for the period Jul-Dec

HB21-1266 Environmental Justice Disproportionate Impacted Community

          Another dream come true for lawyers and race hustlers

SB21-199 Remove Barriers To Certain Public Opportunities

          Removes legal status requirements to receive State benefits

SB21-200 Reduce Greenhouse Gases Increase Environmental Justice

          Increases GHG reduction requirements.  See also HB21-1266 above

SB21-238 Create Front Range Passenger Rail District

This would run along I-25 from WY to NM, and would have additional taxing authority within the district.  Basically another attempt at failed mass transit ideas.