Here are a few more really bad ideas coming from the clowns in the Statehouse.  I probably should not say ‘clowns’ cuz they ain’t funny.

HB21-1303 Global Warming Potential For Public Project Materials

          Without saying so, this is targeted at fossil fuels such as road tar and plastics.

HB21-1304 Early Childhood System

Creates cabinet-level ‘Department of Early Childhood’.  Referred measure HB20-1427 –the cigarette tax–passed last year “…INITIALLY USING THE TAX REVENUE PRIMARILY FOR PUBLIC SCHOOL FUNDING…”

What you are actually getting is a whole new bureaucracy which will likely eat up most of the revenue.

HB21-1307 Prescription Insulin Pricing And Access

Interfering in the private market, setting price caps with no concern for cost of production

HB21-1308 Property Tax Administrative Procedures

This looks like a good one for a change.  Extends appeals deadlines and requires assessment procedures to be more public

SB21-263 Outdoor Advertising Act

Tightens restrictions on billboards

SB21-264 Adopt Programs Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions Utilities

More regulation of oil and gas companies and power generators to reduce GHG.  That means your electric bill will continue to rise due to government, not the supply and demand model