One hundred twenty seven new bills were dropped in the legislature this past week, making up for the paucity of the week before.  Who knew we did not have enough laws already?  And this is only half of the expected approximately 700 normally issued.  Here are just a few that caught our eye to give a flavor of how tyranny works in real life.


HB21-1135 Health-care Cost-sharing Consumer Protections

This bill would bring the heavy hand of government to bear on medical co-ops such as Medi-Share and doctors who offer the same type service.  Requires disclosure of members and financial statements.

HB21-1162 Management Of Plastic Products

We have seen this bill before.  Outlaws plastic bags at retail stores.  Requires recycled paper bags at a fee of at least 10 cents

HB21-1185 Repeal Government Firearms Regulations And Training Class Regulation

Removes from the Governor’s emergency declaration the authority to outlaw the sale of firearms and ammo.

HB21-1189 Regulate Air Toxics

Another attack on power generators

HB21-1191 Prohibit Discrimination COVID-19 Vaccine Status

Protects those not getting COVID vaccination from discrimination.  Prohibits vaccination mandate

HB21-1194 Immigration Legal Defense Fund

Creates taxpayer funding for the legal issues of illegal immigrants

HB21-1208 Natural Disaster Mitigation Enterprise

Creates a fee-based enterprise, exempt from TABOR.  The fee is assessed at the rate of $1.25 per $1000.00 on certain insurance companies.  Guess who eventually pays

SB21-161 Voluntary Reduce Greenhouse Gas Natural Gas Utility

Yet another attack on fossil fuel producers.  Voluntary must become mandatory now that we have re-joined the Paris Climate Accords.  We must reduce green house gas emissions by 57%.  Our Senator is a co-sponsor.

SB21-176 Protecting Opportunities And Workers’ Rights Act

This should be called the ‘Don’t Hurt My Feelings Act’