Our well attended April 20 meeting was a very important first step toward gaining a better understanding between citizens and our law enforcement departments.  Attending were Sheriff Steve Nowlin, DA Will Furse, Cortez Police Chief Roy Lane, and District Wildlife Manager Matt Thorpe.  The primary goal is to begin closing any gap that may exist between ‘them and us’.  We felt that this attitude, as seen by the tensions of the highly publicized cases across the country, needed to be addressed in order to prevent any such situation here in the Four Corners.  Our deep gratitude goes to these gentlemen for putting themselves in the spotlight on such touchy issues.  You can view the unedited forum on YouTube by following this link.


Also on YouTube is an excellent synopsis of our founding documents presented by our own Raymond Boyd.  If you have not the time to do an in-depth study, this is a valuable thumb-nail sketch.