Fire & Flood Editorial

U.K.  Floods—U.S. Fires—Environmental Protectionism.   Is there a connection?

The spring and summer of 2013 here in the U.S. had the wild land fire fighters very busy fighting over 4.3 MILLION acres of forest and range lands burning up, spewing thousands of tons of noxious gasses and particulates into the air.  Millions of board feet of timber and thousands of tons of forage for wildlife and livestock went up in smoke.  Over a BILLION dollars of tax money was spent in the attempt to limit the damage.

Early winter of 2014 the U.K.  experienced heavy rains resulting in unprecedented flooding of their historical important agricultural lands and small towns. Over 65 square miles of fields have become quagmires and swamps.  The cost to repair the damage will be tremendous, starting out at estimates of 130 million British pounds.  Typically, that will only be the beginning.  Some aspects may never be restored.

Is there a connection between our devastating fires and their devastating floods?  Yes, they were both man caused.  More specifically they were both deliberately caused by each country’s federal government.   Next connection is that both governments immediately declared that the disasters were Global Warming’s fault!  The Global Warming Deceivers must protect their true agenda at all costs.    On both continents, the governments had been warned, over time, that these things were going to happen.    The two governments chose to not only ignore the warnings, but to take direct actions that would ensure the warnings would come true.  In both Countries, the action was orchestrated through and by their respective ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCIES!  All in the name of”protecting” the environment for wildlife, species diversity and endangered species!  It seems outrageous to think that two different governments on two separate continents and distanced by the Atlantic ocean would have the same basic objectives to usurp the power and authority of the Creator to put  wildlife and nature above the welfare and protection of their fellow man which the Creator had put over and above the animals!  It all becomes rather clear when you realize that both countries are active members of the same international planning organization promoting a common faux environmental goal for both countries.  This planning organization was initiated in 1992, and really got the steam rolling by 1996.

In the U.S., the wildfire problem began to grow beginning in 1976 with passage of the Federal Lands Planning and Management Act and the National Forest Management Act, both of which were a continuation of the violation of the Constitution.   The fire fuel loading began as active management and use of timber and forage began to be reduced and eliminated to provide for the new direction of providing for the faux concept of environmental protection and recreation.   Passage of such unconstitutional acts as the Wilderness Act, Endangered Species Act, etc., gave rise to faux environmental groups pressuring to expedite closing down use and management on public lands and resources.  The Endangered Species Act was the perfect vehicle for them to use to shut down timber, range and mineral use and management activities.  The infamous spotted owl, wolves, and the list grew exponentially to now include even the NOT endangered sage grouse, to do the coup de gras on ranching, minerals and much of agriculture.  By no longer using and managing and using the resources, they are left to build up massive fuels and then burn, which is what they did and will continue to do.  It has nothing to do with Global Warming.  Our government chose to remove management and use of the land and resources and attempt to return it to a faux romantic concept of nature.

In the U.K., the flooding is not new, early in 1928 London flooded big time.  The outer farm lands had been drained to provide for good agriculture production.  The local farmers established drainage districts to provide a network of canals to drain away excess waters from low lands thus providing food production areas for the U.K…   This drainage system had been in place since the 13th century and had been working great even through later heavy rains.   By 1996, the  U.K. ‘s Environmental Agency assumed total control over the rivers and drainages, removing the local agricultural and drainage groups from any involvement in their own infrastructures they had maintained for several hundred years.  The new Environmental policy was to stop dredging the canals and rivers.  Take note of the date, in both countries wildlife is being used to eliminate man’s use, a coincidence?  A new head of the Agency declared the Agencies priority was to “create more habitats for wildlife by allowing wetlands to revert to nature”.  This was to comply with the EU’s habitat directive which was pushed and supported by “the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds”, the World Wildlife Fund and the British EA.   A stated recipe was “instant wildlife, just add water”!  By 2002 the drainages were clogging with silt and debris.   Floods were then beginning to happen and by 2008 warnings of something bigger were on the horizon.   This year was what had been warned about.  The flood was a direct result of governmental ignorance and following the dictates of the International environmental community,   just as the wild fires in the U.S. were.  The two Countries are partners in the same international planning organization, by treaty.

One wonders about the endangered wildlife and plants issue.  Some THINK (there is no way to know) there might be around 8.7 to 100 million species of plants and animals on the Earth. They believe around 90% are yet to be discovered.   They THINK there might be10 – 20,000 that go extinct each year.  They THINK there might be 18,000+ NEW SPECIES found each year.   I really don’t understand how they figure this since they don’t know that 90% even exist in the first place?  This has been happening for millenniums NOT just in our miniscule generation!  ALL life on this earth is characterized by life and death.  A life is born and a life dies to make room for the new one.   This may come as a shock to many “environmentalists”, but they are going to die right along with their supposedly endangered species, to make room for the new.    The earth was created to be continually self-renewing.  It has been, it is, and it will continue to be.   This was so graphically demonstrated by the eruption of Mt. St. Helens in Washington State.  BOOM, over 150,000 acres of prime timber land was laid waste along with all the animals and plants, without man having made use of the vast resources provided for, and the destruction had nothing to do with global warming or man.  It is now being renewed, just as it has for the past thousands of years.  It needs to be pointed out that some of the lands were private holdings of Weyerhaeuser Timber Company, who salvaged their down timber and stepped in as good stewards and began reforesting efforts and this past year began harvesting the renewed lands and resources.  This increased the economy and wealth of the entire region.  The federal lands were not utilized and are slowly being renewed on their own, with no values being realized in our lifetimes.  Who is man, any man, to decide he can stop what may be the created natural destiny of one of the 10 – 20,000 species to become extinct this year to make room for another new one? That is the height of arrogance and ignorance.  What man is so smart that he knows that he should remove a valuable food fish such as trout or bass which the Creator put here for man, to attempt to keep a sucker or minnow that the Creator may have scheduled to be replaced by the trout or bass?    Early records indicate the Sage Grouse was actually quite sparse at best, endangered by today’s standards.  When the area was settled by farmers and ranchers, they improved the habitat, providing more water and food sources.  In addition they reduced the populations of coyotes, crows/ravens, fox, skunks, magpies which were all ravenous predators of the grouse.  The grouse population grew, which then provided a managed food supply for man in place of the natural predators.   Man was then the predator but he managed the grouse population.   THEN environmental “saviors” came in and stopped the farmers and ranchers from keeping the predator populations down, began taking lands out of managed use, and  turning it back to the faux romantic nature they have conceived in their minds.   End result?  Reduced grouse populations, big surprise?  Now they want to declare the bird endangered.  It is obviously the farmers, ranchers, etc.  fault so they must stop using the land and resources and improving the habitat conditions, to “save” the bird.  It was and IS the faux environmentalists that caused the “problem”, IF there actually is one!   Let’s not look at history and realistic facts, that would only cloud the image of a pristine wilderness with everything in perfect balance and harmony; no man left around to mess it up.  Well except for the superior race of environmentalists to witness this wonderful transformation they were responsible for creating.    God, our Creator, gave us so much to use and develop, and we are wasting it through deliberate neglect.   There are many stories of hermits dying in poverty, only to find they had large amounts of wealth they just would not use.   We shake our heads in wonder, and do the exact same thing with our God given wealth of resources.   We have vast resources, but refuse to use them and improve them, instead go into debt to sustain a perceived false economic existence.  Our Creator must surely be shaking His head, saying to Himself, “why did I bother, they don’t appreciate it”!  The next generation will shake their heads and ask why did they not develop and invest their wealth to increase it, instead of deliberately letting it wash away and burn up?  The next generation will be left with the daunting task of cleaning up the mess we have left them!

In the aftermath of the floods and fires, the U.K. has a new Environmental  Agency  Secretary (director) and he has recognized the past  governments folly  and taken action and has immediately started the drainage pumps back up and  will be trying to get the dredging work started again as soon as practical.  This will likely infuriate the gods of the international environmental community.  As for here in the U.S. , we are continuing to plod along and bowing down to the progenitors of the belief that our fires and other problems are because of  global warming/climate change/extreme weather , which is caused by CO2 emitted by man.  We cannot risk making the environmental gods upset.  There is NO global warming! There is NO greenhouse effect from CO2 (CO2 only comprises .039% of the atmosphere); in fact we need more to grow food and trees better.   We must wake up and begin again to actively USE and improve ALL of our resources we have been entrusted with by our Creator, or they will Likely be lost by fire, erosion, etc., and we will have been determined to be unfaithful, unreliable and irresponsible stewards, by our Creator.

Given today’s political disaster, Is there a solution?  Yes there is!  It begins AT HOME!   We must be willing to assume the responsibility for our own future destiny, not wait or depend on state of federal government programs and monies.  We must work with the County Commissions to stimulate our economy by developing and using the available resources in the area.  Locally, we have minerals, gas, oil, agriculture, timber, livestock, wildlife and fish, recreation, tourism for starters.  All of these can and should be developed and blended together to produce the maximum from each for the economic benefit of all and the entire county and region.  The roadblock preventing our economy from being developed is the federal government and its unconstitutional agencies and their regulations. The first step is for the Counties to demand the State Nullify the unconstitutional laws and regulations, beginning with the EPA and its regulations.  Simultaneously, the Counties must assume rightful control and governance over the non-private lands in the counties.   The lands we reside on and control provides a basis to identify who we are as a people.   Are we a God fearing, industrious, hardworking, fun loving people that want to develop and enjoy the wealth and beauty our Creator provided to ensure a future for our children?    If that is us, then roll up our sleeves, we have work to do!   If that is not you, then, the rest of us feel pity for you!

Dexter Gill, SW Coloradan