February Meeting notes

Four Corners 9/12 Meeting notes 2/17/14

Our meeting opened in Prayer, followed by allegiance to the Flag.

Raymond Boyd brought a reading and description of the last of the Constitutional Amendments, 26 & 27.

James  Lambert brought us the “Founders Moment”, where he quoted three of our founders, Alexander Hamilton, Thomas Paine, and John Adams, concerning our rights.  All three make very specific reference to our freedom and rights as being conferred to us by our Creator , not by any man.

Congressional  candidate, Ken  Buck was interviewed and vetted for consideration for the upcoming caucus for being placed on the ballot to run against the democrat incumbent , Mark Udall.  Mr. Buck presented his background and experience, then opened the floor to questions.  There was a good exchange  in questions and answers  for nearly an hour.  Below is Mr. Buck answering questions.006 (3)

This interview afforded an interesting glimpse into how the political maneuvering  takes place for the positions of power and money.  Mr. Buck being a GOP candidate trying top challenge a democrat, resulted in the Colorado democratic party hiring a traveling videographer to record each of the stops the GOP challenger makes, to gather talk and answer points being made that might be possibly used against the challenger by the incumbent.  Such meeting as ours which is open to the public provides ample opportunity for the hirelings to  record the meeting , which was the case here.    The recording is turned over to the “party” to dissect  it to see what they can find to possibly  make the challenger look bad later on.  Pretty sad that  our political system has degenerated into  working  hard to discredit the other candidate rather than  trying to point out their own assets why we should “hire” them.  It points out how valuable in terms of  power and money certain positions such as Senate and Representative  seats are to some.008 (2)

Following Mr. Bucks interview/vetting,  Bud Garner Presented  an update on state legislative actions.  There were copies  of current bills before the Legislature were available on the table.  It was also reminded that the Republican Caucus was coming up soon, March 4th.

A reminder was made that the Republican Women were hosting a “meet the candidates” for local offices , Thursday, February 2oth at the 1st Nat. Bank in Cortez,  at 6-8 p.m. . Everyone is welcome.

There was a nice display set up in the back to describe  what Nullification is, and how that is really the best and possibly only means to restore some semblance of the Constitution to our country.

The next meeting will be March 17th and will be a special presentation  by Jeff L. Wright, author of  “Citizens Last Stand: Are You Ready”.  This will be a tremendous presentation, that  you will NOT want to miss.  Mark your calendar now, and plan to bring a friend.  More information will be sent our as time gets closer.

Four Corners Feb. Meet