February Meeting Notes

The monthly meeting was held in the Elks Lodge in Cortez. Meeting was opened in Prayer, Allegiance to the Flag. A legislative update was presented by Bud giving a brief overview of the State legislative bills and their current status. The full listing was printed as a handout and is now available on our website posting just prior to this post. It was nice to know that Congress is not in session, so we have a little reprieve and Obama is headed for another vacation.
Since the election is over, it became apparent from the campaigning that many of our public might lack a full understanding of what is involved in some of the offices and what role the public can take to help those serving to do the job of representing us better. We have invited the three offices that had the previous incumbents replaced to explain what the office is all about, what were some issues that occurred during their tenure, and recommendations to us. The first one able to do this was the past Sheriff, Dennis Spruell. The other two offices of County Commissioner and County Clerk were still recuperating on vacation from their years of service, and will hopefully be heard from in future meetings. From the Sheriff’s office presentation, we became much aware that there is a lot more to the office than many people are aware. The Constitutional, legal and political duties and responsibilities are very large. In hearing of how many things were done to improve various testy issues, the local news media never covered such positive actions. We have access to a listing of accomplishments of the past administration that the Journal refused to print. If anyone would like a copy, let us know and we can forward it to you. Whoever is Sheriff is faced with lacking local support due to ONLY negative slants and untruths being printed in the news. Could this be the problem with the “curse of the incumbent” for both the Sheriff and DA offices? How long has it been since an incumbent was re-elected to those offices? In answering questions, Mr. Spruell said that the community residents can help the offices by publicly expressing and showing support for those that serve them in all offices. The Sheriff’s office and City Police are faced with an increasing distrust Nation wide. Our citizens here need to teach the children respect for all elected offices. The current climate of disrespect for the Constitution and laws exhibited by the White House, Congress and Legislators as reported in our news, encourages local disrespect and it becomes a snowball effect by the people. As people show contempt and disrespect, the enforcement becomes defensive, resulting in more disrespect etc. and it builds back and forth! SO, encourage those working for us! It was also pointed out that since we cannot rely on the news media for the truth, if we have a question as to what is happening in the elected office, CALL and ASK them what the truth is! Don’t believe gossip , ASK. If the office won’t talk to you or explain, then you know the wrong person is in that office.
There is much concern over the “state of the economy”, are we going to have another “Great Depression”? Jim Mahlberg gave us an excellent presentation on ”Contrasting Views Of The Great Depression”. There are four differing schools of thought by professing economist groups, as to what caused the Depression and what got us out of it. It wasn’t what most of us have been told! You really should have been at the meeting to hear this presentation!! A publication was made available which really explains what happened, “Great Myths of the Great Depression”, published jointly by the Mackinac Center for Public Policy , and the Foundation for Economic Education (FEE). Copies of the booklet can be ordered from either group via their websites, www.fee.org and www.mackinac.org . It was noted that of the four schools of thought, we hear most today about the Keynesian philosophy and the Austrian philosophy. The Keynesians think the bigger government spending is the salvation. Austrians are just the opposite. Today, the White House and much of Congress agree with the Keynesians as that gives them more power. Over past history, the Austrians have accurately predicted the “Great Depression” AND all subsequent recessions, right up to the most current. SO, WHAT NOW? Inflation MUST always result in deflation. Our monetary system is inflated beyond all historical records. The Austrian system of analysis and prediction says we are due, or even past due. The Fed has been manipulating the system to stave off the inevitable. The inflation , WILL deflate. When? How big? How fast? Don’t know, so be prepared!
The next meeting will be March 16th, same time and same place. We will be having a presentation to discuss the much talked about Article V Convention for States to demand Amendments to the Constitution to straighten out the mess. So, set your calendars now.