HB22-1136    Ultrasound Video Demonstration In Sex Education

MAYBE this will prevent teen pregnancy or abortion

HB22-1137    Homeowners’ Association Board Accountability And Transparency

Trying to rein in abusive HOA boards

HB22-1138    Reduce Employee Single-occupancy Vehicle Trips

Another costly burden on employers

HB22-1139    Home Owners’ Associations Cannot Regulate Use Of Public Rights-of-way

HB22-1141    Nuisance Suits Agricultural Operations

Trying to curb the anti-ag movement, especially in government agencies

HB22-1144    Naturally Acquired Immunity COVID-19

Naturally acquired immunity exemption from mandates

HB22-1147    Sheriffs’ Authority In Relation To Federal Gov

Codifies what has always been

HB22-1163    State Income Tax Deduction For Medical Expenses

Adds unrealized Federal deduction to State

HB22-1165    Rule Review Bill

Postpones the expiration of agency rules set to expire in May

HB22-1203    Income Tax Credits For Nonpublic Education

‘Concerning the creation of income tax credits for nonpublic education.’

HB22-1204    Election Systems

Among other things would establish in-person voting on election day only.

HB22-1206    Prohibit Discriminatory Practices In Schools

Looks to be aimed at prohibiting ‘Crirical Race Theory’

HB22-1207    Choice In Low-performing School Districts

Creates a per-pupil fund at the school board level for parents to draw from when moving their student from a low performing public school

SB22-097    Whistleblower Protection Health & Safety

More protection for whistleblowers.  Probably result in more frivolous complaints.

SB22-103    Remedy For Improper Guilty Pleas

More protection for illegal immigrants

SB22-109    Prohibit Labor Actions Against Public Employers

Reins in coercive activities of public employee unions and members

SB22-115    Clarifying Terms Related To Landowner Liability

More protection of landowners from lawsuits brought by trespassers,