About 415 bills have been introduced so far so we are over half-way through the expected total already.  Many Colorado laws have sunset dates established.  About a dozen of these bills continue the laws with a new future sunset date.  And you thought the Legislature would let their power wane?

HB22-1234    Preventing Identity-based Violence Grant Program

Establishes annual $1million grant program to prevent ‘identity-based’ violence. The complaints will keep rolling in.

HB22-1236    Parent’s Bill Of Rights

“The bill prohibits an individual, corporation, association, organization, state-supported institution, or individual employed by any of these entities from procuring, soliciting to perform, arranging for the performance of, or performing a surgical procedure upon a minor without written or verbal consent from the minor’s parent.”  DUH

HB22-1238    Elected Officials Approve Epidemic Duties

Limits the Governor’s emergency declaration powers and puts local elected officials in the mix.

HB22-1251    Cardiac Arrest Management

Another new bureaucracy that will not prevent anything

HB22-1273    Protections For Elections Officials

This will cause many frivolous complaints filed by ‘snowflake’ elections officials based on their ‘perception’ of a threat

SB22-133    Provide Security For Certain Elected Officials

Elected officials should not have special protection.  Let them live with the consequences of the society they try to shape.

SB22-135    Standard Time In Colorado

OK by me

SB22-138    Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions In Colorado

This is the California law against lawnmowers, etc