HB22-1069    Parent Authority To Request Public School Reforms

Establishes petition process to propose reforms.  Requires signatures of 50% of ALL parents in targeted school

HB22-1078    Voting Systems Standards Adoption

            Title sounds good but the bill is not

HB22-1079    Abolishing Abortion In Colorado

            This is an outstanding bill that will get absolutely nowhere

HB22-1084    Ineligible Jurors Voter Registration

If a juror claims to be or is found ineligible for jury duty due to citizenship issues, voter registration is revoked.

HB22-1086    The Vote Without Fear Act

            No Constitutional carry within 100 feet of polling places

HB22-1090    Reasonable Independence For Children

This would give protection to parents, who are described as ‘free range’, from the child protective services types.

HB22-1096    Bill Drafting Transparency

Requires the draft bills to be made public 40 days ahead of the session.  (33 days for new members)

HB22-1100    Prohibit Discrimination COVID-19 Vaccine Status

            Also allows for civil suit in case of discrimination

HB22-1105    Deadly Force Against Intruder At A Business

            Adds business owners and employees to ‘make my day’ law

HB22-1106    Concealed Handguns On School Grounds

‘Concerning allowing concealed handgun permit holders to carry concealed handguns on school grounds’.

HB22-1123    Standard Deduction Adjustment

‘Concerning an inflationary adjustment to the federal standard deduction for purposes of providing state income tax relief.

HB22-1125    Income Tax Rate Reduction

For TABOR refunds, the income tax rate is reduced by 0.05% and is a permanent reduction.  Applies to all future TABOR refunds.

HB22-1127    Income Tax Deduction For Rent

‘The bill creates an income tax deduction of up to $17,500 for tenants with taxable income under $40,000 for an individual or under $80,000 for a head-of-household or a married couple for rent paid on a rental residence in Colorado’

HB22-1128    Prior Review Of Agency Rules That Burden Industry

            Might get the Legislature back into its proper regulatory function instead of bureaucrats.

HB22-1129    General Fund Surplus Rebates To Taxpayers

            This is a quote from the bill

(e) Rather than using all of the money in the state treasury to expand the size of government, the state should return the unneeded revenue to the hardworking Coloradans who contributed to the surplus through the myriad of taxes and fees that they pay the state;

SB22-063    Property Ownership Fairness Act

            Allows for property owner action against land use code effects on property value

SB22-072    Grants To Incentivize Home Use For Renters

            It can’t get more stupider than this.

SB22-088    Tuition Assistance For Building Trade Certificates

Includes ‘building trades’ in already existing program for career and technical certificates, not diplomas