Well, the session is half over.  If you have been following the results so far, and think it can’t get any worse, hold on to your hats.  They usually save the worst for last, when time does not allow for lengthy hearings.


HB22-1289    Health Benefits For Colorado Children And PREGNANT PERSONS

The title struck me as odd.  Includes coverage of illegals under Medicaid and CHIP


HB22-1295    Department Early Childhood And Universal Preschool Program

485 pages to take more control of your children by establishing a new DEPARTMENT OF EARLY CHILDHOOD

‘The bill establishes the POWERS, functions, and responsibilities of the department of early childhood   ‘emphasis mine


SB22-153    Internal Election Security Measures

This bill does add some to the security of ballots and equipment.  But it also greatly enhances the power of the SOS.  Seems to be a direct result of and an attack on such as Tina Peters, Mesa County Clerk.