Just when I think I’ve got them figured out, the legislators fool me.  This is usually the time when they introduce really bad ‘must pass’ bills and suspend parliamentary procedures to do so.  There are six more legislative days so there is still time.

There were no new bills this week which were egregiously offensive to liberty so I decided not to chronicle any.  However, it is my belief that every law, rule, or regulation affects someone’s.

Take for example the four ‘gun’ bills signed by the Governor on Friday.  One raises the age to purchase or possess a firearm to 21, excepting members of the military. This accomplishes nothing except further limiting the guarantees of the Constitutions.  Close on the heels of this is the second worst, that of expanding who may file a complaint under the ‘red flag’ law.  Then there is the new law requiring a three day wait for delivery of a firearm after purchase.  I guess they think someone who is a threat to your person will wait those three days.  And here’s the kicker.  You can now sue the gun manufacturer for the misuse of their product.  No legislator has proposed suing car companies for the misuse of their product, which is far more deadly than gun misuse.

They did kill in committee the assault weapon ban but you can expect it to return next year, and the next, until they get it passed.  I can’t wait for the campaign ads crowing about how they ‘preserved’ the Second Amendment.