Seventy more bills, mostly stupid, dropped last week.  Here is just a sampling.

SB23-092   Agricultural Producers Use Of Agrivoltaics

          More grants–your tax dollars–going to save the planet, including solar panels      floating in irrigation ditches.  I did not make that up, it’s in the bill.

SB23-101   Candidate Ballot Access For Primary Elections

          Continuing the process to make it harder to get on the ballot

SB23-105   Ensure Equal Pay For Equal Work

         More burdens on employers and changes ‘authorizes’ to ‘requires’ in Labor        department activities.

HB23-1127   Customer’s Right To Use Energy

          Who knew we would even need such a law?

HB23-1154   Ballot Issue Greenhouse Gas Emissions Report

          It really is as stupid as it appears.  More burden on the initiative process

HB23-1161   Environmental Standards For Appliances

          Further tightens energy use requirements and includes more devices

HB23-1163   Revoke Carbon Dioxide Status As A Pollutant

         Finally, a bill that makes sense.  CO2 is tree food and trees make oxygen.  DUH