Fifty-four more bills were introduced this week.  That brings the total so far to 212—about a third of what to expect.  You probably didn’t know that your life was so messed up that our legislators just HAD to step up to straighten you out.  Almost all of these bills deal with restrictions on somebody’s liberty and property.  Here are six examples.

HB23-1095   Prohibited Provisions In Rental Agreements

          Proposes more restrictions on the property owner

HB23-1097   Painkiller Administration Prior To Abortion

          I suppose this is supposed to make murder more palatable

HB23-1098   Women’s Rights In Athletics

          Play on the team for which you are biologically suited

HB23-1103   Severance Tax Revenue Distribution

          Assigns 60% of tax collected to the city or county in which it was collected

HB23-1115   Repeal Prohibition Local Residential Rent Control

          Would allow imposition of rent controls—another loss for private property rights

HB23-1119   Abolishing Abortion In Colorado

           The leftists in our State capitol,–who aid and abet this form of murder—will never let this see the               light of day

HB23-1120   Eviction Protections For Residential Tenants

          Yet a third bill this week to restrict private property

And if you own and operate a motorboat, you need to read this bill.  SB23-069