Approximately 77 new bills this week, at least two of which seem to be good (2 & 3 below).  With only 6 weeks left in the session, if history is a teacher, we can expect some REALLY bad ones coming down the pike.


HB23-1252   Thermal Energy

          They found something else to regulate and control

HB23-1255   Regulating Local Housing Growth Restrictions

Repeals existing local anti-growth housing restrictions and prevents any in the future

SB23-201   Mineral Resources Property Owners’ Rights

          Protecting non-participants in forced pooling, whatever that is.

SB23-205   Universal High School Scholarship Program

Sounds a bit discriminatory

‘for the 2024-25 academic year to students who pursue an in-demand or high-priority postsecondary pathway’

SB23-213   Land Use

105 pages that I did not read.  Based on who sponsors it, I am very suspicious.

SB23-247   Division Of Civil Protections And Rights In Department Of Law

This just adds ‘Division Of Civil Protections And Rights’ as a responsibility of the Attorney General.  I guess the AG can decide whatever it means.