Only 13 bills dropped this week.  None of the others are as egregious as these two.  We have heard they were coming, so here they are.  They both need to be strongly opposed.  We can conjecture that this is but a first step in future restrictions.  The only bright spot in this is that they both have been assigned to the respective “kill” committees.


HB23-1219  Waiting Period To Deliver A Firearm

Requires at least three days after purchase for delivery.  Includes authorizing Counties to enact longer waiting periods

SB23-169  Increasing Minimum Age To Purchase Firearms

Raises the minimum age for purchase or possession of a firearm to 21 years, with some exceptions.


None of our three legislators have co-sponsored these bills, but here is their contact info anyway.  Let them know that we are still out here, watching.

E-mail:     303-866-4875

E-mail:      303-866-2914

E-mail:      303-866-2955