Only’ 51 bills dropped this past week.  Most would have little or no impact on our ever-declining liberty.  But here sre 5 very important ones.  If you read no other, you must read HB23-1066, especially if you are a hunter.

HB23-1063   Reduction Of State Income Tax Rate

Reduces income tax from 4.46 to 3.5 percent

HB23-1066   Public Access Landlocked Publicly Owned Land

Difficult to comply with.  Virtually impossible to enforce.  Protects trespassers.  No protection for private landowner.

HB23-1073   State Of Disaster Emergency Length

Governor may only declare state of emergency for 30 days.  Any extension must come from the legislature

HB23-1079   Income Tax Credits For Nonpublic Education

Looks good and about time.

HB23-1085   Rural County and Municipality Energy Efficient Building Codes

 More state mandates on local codes