As we postulated last week, in these last 5 weeks of the session we should expect some really bad bills.  The first one listed below is a prime example.

HB23-1257   Mobile Home Park Water Quality

There is so much wrong with this bill!!! 

One example—if a mobile home park owner fails to comply with the Dept. of Health, the State will confiscate the property, turn it over to the County to be maintained as ‘affordable housing’ for no less than 100 years.

HB23-1272   Tax Policy That Advances Decarbonization

We always like tax credits.  We don’t always like targeted tax credits, especially when based on stupidity.

HB23-1279   Allow Retail Marijuana Online Sales

Well at least some won’t be high going to and from the store.

SB23-250   Transfer From Severance Tax Operations Cash Fund

This would transfer 10 million dollars from the ‘fund’ to Colorado Mesa and Western Colorado universities for energy-related projects.  The severance tax was supposed to go directly to jurisdictions impacted by energy exploration, etc.

SB23-254   Search Warrant Procedures

Looks like this would increase the danger already inherent in serving search warrants.

SB23-261   Direct Care Workforce Stabilization Board

Just when we thought there was nothing left for the State government to screw up.

And there are these three bills dealing with ‘grey wolf reintroduction’. You can read these as well as all others by following this link.

HB23-1265   Born To Be Wild Special License Plate

SB23-255   Wolf Depredation Compensation Fund

SB23-256   Management Of Gray Wolves Reintroduction