Only’ 34 bills this week, 17 in each chamber.  Of the 17 in the Senate. 12 were the second batch of ‘sunset’ reviews.  NOT ONE was allowed to expire.  No agency, bureau, Board or Commission, etc was deemed no longer useful. ‘They are the second-most permanent things on the planet.



HB23-1206   County Sheriffs And District Attorneys

These two offices would be removed from the caucus system—petition only.  And would no longer be members of any partisan committee.  Would also require bachelors degree for sheriffs in counties of 25000 or more.

HB23-1210   Carbon Management

More environmental foolishness establishing a grant (tax) for ‘carbon management’ projects.

HB23-1209   Analyze Statewide Publicly Financed Health-care

A precursor for establishing single-payer (government run) healthcare.

SB23-150   Require Labeling Disposable Wipes

Just as the title says.  More meddling.