578 bills have been introduced so far, with only a few days to go.  You probably were so busy working to pay the government that you did not know you needed this many new laws—EVERY YEAR.


HB23-1289   Sustainable Advancements In Aviation Tax Credits

Provides a tax credit for aviation ground equipment that is switched from gas and diesel to electric, which means switching to coal, gas, and oil to produce the electricity.

HB23-1290   Proposition EE Funding Retention Rate Reduction

This will be referred to a vote this November.  A yes vote would allow the State to retain the required refund of $23+ million excess collection of nicotine products taxes.

HB23-1294   Pollution Protection Measures

Thirty nine more pages of regulation and reports concerning ozone emissions from construction and oil and gas operations.

SB23-276   Modifications To Laws Regarding Elections

Makes changes to 81 pages of election law.  I did not read it all, but what I did read is not so good.

SB23-278   Allocation For Art In Public Places For 2022-23 Fiscal Year

Removes the mandate for art work on State funded projects.

SB23-279   Unserialized Firearms And Firearm Components

More attack on 2A