Well, the Colorado politburo—uh, legislature—convened this past Monday, 9 Jan.  Again this year we will try to track the bills and let you know what the impact on your liberty will be.  We suspect, if history is a lesson, more government control and socialism.  Think we exaggerate?  Here’s HB 23-1002.

HB23-1002  Epinephrine Auto-injectors

Limits the charge to no more than $60.00 for a $300.00 (approximately) drug.  We already have price caps on insulin, i.e.  The only thing I can remember resulting from price caps is shortages.

HB23-1003   School Mental Health Assessment

Provides mental health assessment for 6th through 12 grade students.  Voluntary per school (for now).  Parents may opt out but the 12+ year-old can override the parents.

HB23-1008   Food Accessibility

Provides funding to non-profits for low-income food education.  Raises taxes by eliminating meal tax credit.

HB23-1018   Timber Industry Incentives

It’s all good until you get the part about hiring interns and the focus on ‘underepresented communities’

HB23-1020   Social Equity Licenses In Regulated Marijuana

There is already a grant (tax) program to incentivize minority ownership of pot shops.  This expands it and reduces the regulations on the same

HB23-1029   Prohibit COVID-19 Vaccine To Minor Without Consent

It’s a sad state of affairs that we even need a law like this.  It’s a good bill and waives sovereign immunity in a civil suit

HB23-1036   Nontoxic Bullet Replacement Hunting Program

The State will trade you for your lead bullets.  A lot could be said about the ‘toxicity’ of all bullets

HB23-1044   Second Amendment Preservation Act

This is excellent.  That’s why it went to the ‘kill’ committee

HB23-1054   Property Valuation

Some good, some not so good.  Sets a valuation increase at no more than 5%.

HB23-1055   Prohibit Wireless Networking Voting Systems

Just like it says

SB23-008   Youth Involvement Education Standards Review

This would place two students as voting members on boards determining educational content, per district 

SB23-009   Limit Opioid Prescription And Exception For Intractable Pain

Limits to 90 morphine milligram equivalents per day if to be taken outside the medical office

SB23-014   Disordered Eating Prevention

‘Concerning establishing the office of disordered eating prevention in the department of public health and environment’.

SB23-016   Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction Measures

Nineteen pages of ‘environmental’ nonsense.  Just more regulation and control.

SB23-021   Name Ordering On Primary Election Ballot

The order of names on the primary ballot will be by lot only, not as currently done by caucus results.

SB23-024   First Amendment Collateral Challenge Court Order

Allows first amendment challenge to a court contempt order.


And as always, at the beginning of the session we like to remind you that you can do your own research and reading at this link;

And contact your legislators as shown.

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