Some of the bills I read have me convinced that our legislators try to see who can ‘outstupid’ whom.  Then I read others that are a display of pure evil.  See examples of both below by clicking here.

HB23-1231   Math In Pre-kindergarten Through Twelfth Grade

If the school districts can’t teach math now, another program grant won’t change anything

HB23-1233   Electric Vehicle Charging And Parking Requirements

Requiring minimum number of charging stations—new construction.

SB23-184   Protections For Residential Tenants

More attacks on property OWNERS

SB23-189   Increasing Access To Reproductive Health Care

Among other things, allows minors and healthcare providers make decisions without parental knowledge or consent.  The next two extend protections for killing babies.

SB23-190   Deceptive Trade Practice Pregnancy-related Service        

SB23-188   Protections For Accessing Reproductive Health Care