Another 60 bills this past week that the legislators knew you just could not manage without.  Thirty of these, however, had to do with budget adjustments for various departments and agencies.


HB23-1170   Distributed Ledgers Voting

Eighteen pages of what appears to be a very complicated revision to the voting process.

HB23-1180   County Commissioner Elections

“Concerning the modification of county commissioner elections in counties with populations of seventy thousand or more, and, in connection therewith, requiring such counties to have five commissioners, at least three of whom are elected only by voters resident in the district from which the commissioner runs for election.”

HB23-1190   Affordable Housing Right Of First Refusal

Another 21 page attack on private property in the name of ‘affordable housing’

SB23-143   Retail Delivery Fees

Who knew that a retailer was required to collect this tax for delivering merchandise to your house?  This bill makes some modifications to existing law.