If we are reading the schedule properly, the last day to introduce a bill is 18 April and adjournment is 8 May.  So, except for ‘emergency’ appropriations adjustments, there is only one more week of this foolishness.  The next 4 weeks will be mostly spent on ‘final passage’ votes on introduced bills.


SB23-265   Prohibit Professional Discipline For Marijuana

‘Concerning a prohibition on a regulator imposing discipline against a person based on certain activities involving marijuana.’

SB23-269   Colorado Preschool Program Provider Bonus Payments

Evidently the universal preschool program isn’t going too well so we will increase the bribe.

HB23-1281   Advance The Use Of Clean Hydrogen

Includes, among other things, a tax credit for producing hydrogen from water.  I guess we have more than enough after all.

HB23-1285   Store Use Of Carryout Bags And Sustainable Products

If a locality cannot accept the six cent fee (tax) on carryout bags, the store is required to ‘purchase recycled paper carryout bags, 100% recycled cups, or compostable food containers’.