SB22-001    Crime Prevention Through Safer Streets

Notice that funding police is not here“…improvements designed to create safer streets. Such improvements may include: (A) better lighting; (B) improved trash collection; (C) access control; (D) territorial reinforcement; and 7 (E) improved space management”

SB22-004    Evidence-based Training In Science Of Reading

ALL principals and teachers of K through 3rd grade MUST attend or lose State per-pupil funding. 

SB22-007    Increase Wildfire Risk Mitigation Outreach Efforts

“The working group shall consider how best to conduct enhanced wildfire awareness month outreach campaigns in 2023 and 2024,”

How about actually managing our forest crop

SB22-028    Groundwater Compact Compliance Fund

This bill requires the State to purchase and ‘retire’ irrigation wells and irrigated acreage in the Republican river basin (25,000 acres) and the Rio Grande river basin (40,000 acres) by 2029 in order to comply with an agreement with Kansas and Nebraska.  Say goodbye to the agriculture economy thereabouts.  Rep. Catlin is a sponsor

SB22-031    Prohibit Hunting Bobcat Lynx And Mountain Lion

Looks like another bill aimed at the West slope after the passage of the lynx reintroduction initiative.

SB22-038    Healthcare Affordability And Sustainability Fee

Allows hospitals to show a separate line on your bill concerning the ‘hospital provider fee’ (TAX)