I took my lovely wife for a well-deserved vacation (I enjoyed it as well) so here is a two-week catch-up on our legislators.  They have only until 11 May to steal more of our liberty.


HB22-1371    Remove Peace Officer Residency Requirement

          Public employees should live in the community they ‘serve’

HB22-1373    Court-ordered Restitution Paid By Juveniles

          Prohibits judges from ordering restitution by juvenile convicts.

HB22-1397    Statewide Equity Office

            As used today, equity means equal outcomes, not equality of opportunity

SB22-204    Repeal Federal Government Confirm Status For Identification Documents

          Makes it still easier for illegal immigrants

SB22-206    Disaster Preparedness And Recovery Resources

          Of course this has hidden in it the whole ‘climate change’ stuff

SB22-214    General Fund Transfer To Public Employees’ Retirement Association Payment Cash Fund

           We are told over and over that the taxpayer is not on the hook for PERA.   I guess                   $198,470,883 doesn’t count.

SB22-230    Collective Bargaining For Counties

          Public employee unions have always been a bad deal for the taxpayers.  Our BOCC               testified against this, and well they should