Now that the Colorado legislative session has begun, we will once again try to update you on active ‘Bills’ which may impact ‘…life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness…’  As usual, the approve/oppose note is one man’s opinion–if you wish to do your own research, you can access all of the proposed laws at:

As an aside, many of you have used the Federal address of  There is now a new, additional, website––that looks different and has a few different resources.



WEEK OF 12 JAN 2015

HB 15-1009 Repeal Large Ammo Magazine Ban *

Obviously approve

HB 15-1011 Restrict Revealing How Person Votes*

Approve for obvious reasons

HB 15-1041 Protect Human Life at Conception

Approve, makes performing an abortion a Class 3 Felony if not for  medical reasons

HB 15-1049 Deadly Force Against Intruders In Businesses*


HB 15-105 Repeal Gun Transfer Background Check Requirement & Fee*


HB 15-1057 Statewide Initiative Process*

Oppose, makes initiative more complex and expensive

HB 15-1065 Regulatory Reform Act Of 2015*

Oppose, too many exemptions

HB 15-1066 Repeal Health Benefit Exchange*


SB 15-006 Prohibit Forfeitures Without Criminal Conviction


SB 15-018 Repeal Late Vehicle Registration Fee


SB 15-032 Lift Restrictions On Carrying Of Firearms

Approve, allows concealed carry w/o permit if otherwise legal owner

SB 15-039 Concurrent Jurisdiction Over Federal Land*

Oppose, Needs language corrections re: ownership issue

SB 15-045 Tax Credits For Nonpublic Education

Neutral, if included home schoolers then would approve

*Bills assigned to the ‘kill committee’