You may have thought that, since the Colorado Legislature has suspended because of the corona virus, we may be safe this year from their agenda.  The Colorado Constitution specifies a 120 day calendar, which would mean the session expires on 5 May.  Not so fast!  Based on a request of the legislature to the Colorado Supreme Court, and considering a ‘rule’ passed over a decade ago, the Court ruled that, since the Constitution did not specify ‘consecutive’ days, the legislative session may resume, according to rule, at any time of its choosing to continue the legislative calendar.

Therefore, and since we have temporarily suspended our Facebook videos on the subject, here is where our latest update stands.  As always, you can read these and other bills on the website Bill Search | Colorado General Assembly and contact Sen. Coram and Rep. Catlin as previously posted on our website at

HB20-1305 Crop And Livestock Contribution Tax Credit

Removes $1000 tax credit for charitable donation

HB20-1303 Excise Tax On Alcohol Beverages Sacramental Wines

Removes tax exemption for religious institutions

HB20-1306 Excise Tax Credit Unsalable Alcohol Beverages

Repeals refund of prepaid excise tax on damaged or lost booze

HB20-1309 Income Tax Credit For Telecommuting Employees

Any tax credit is good

HB20-1319 Prohibit Sale Of Flavored Nicotine Products

Gov’t regulation of personal choice—single use plastic

HB20-1327 Water Diversions From Rio Grande Basin

Seems like good protection of Rio Grande

HB20-1330 CGIA Colorado Governmental Immunity Act And A State Hospital Authority

Special exemption for Anschutz Medical Center

HB20-1349 Colorado Affordable Health Care Option

More State interference in the Healthcare insurance market (mandates)

Hospitals fined or closed if not participating

HB20-1354 Film Production Income Tax Credit

Compare to removing tax credits mentioned earlier

HB20-1355 Secure Storage Of Firearms

Among other things requires dealer to provide a locking device

SB20-159 Global Warming Potential For Public Project Materials

Dumb policy based on flawed ‘science’

SB20-160 Require Movie Theaters To Provide Open Captioning

If there was a demand for this service it would be offered without mandate

SB20-166 Simplifying Requirements For New Birth Certificate

Promotes gender identification dysphoria

SB20-167 Electric Motor Vehicle Manufacturer And Dealer

Another special carve-out

SB20-168 Sustainable Severance & Property Tax Policies

Additional taxes on coal to subsidize solar and wind

SB20-204 Additional Resources To Protect Air Quality

Creates ‘air quality enterprise’ fund, exempt from TABOR.  Raises fees (TAXES) on ‘stationary polluters’ (POWER PLANTS)