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We should be able to do a much better job than the U.S. Senate in vetting candidates.  County Commissioners are the REPRESENTATIVES of the people.  The commissioners are  legal agents of the STATE, representing the State law to the people, and representing the people before the State.  They represent ALL three branches of State government at the local level, the Executive,  Legislative, and  Judiciary.  They have more Constitutional and Legal authority to affect YOUR daily lives locally than the SCOTUS, which everyone is all worked up over.  We need to get “worked up” over our County Commissions, and select the best qualified person to Represent ALL the County, not individual and special interests.  We NEED a good sound moral and honorable Board to bring us ALL together when the proverbial excrement hits the fan comes.  The RULES of governing have been established for 230 years, we just need to have men and women that know the Rules and will govern by them.  That is what we need to VET  our Candidates for.