August 9/12 meeting

The August meeting is scheduled for Monday the 18th.  at 7:00 p.m. at the Cortez Elks Lodge  

Agenda will be to hear from and Vette the candidates for Montezuma County Commission seat.  the Candidates are Mr. Lambert (GOP) and Mr. Utrup (IND).  Don’t rely on hearsay, come and get ist straight from the Candidates and ask YOUR questions of them.

We will also hear about what is referred to as the “Supremacy Clause” in the Constitution.  This is a phrase that is regularly tossed around inferring that what ever is of a federal action is supreme.  Is it?  Come find out, it is NOT mysterious and does NOT need a lawyer or 9 people in black robes to wave a wand over it.

Hope to see you Monday.