Amnesty & Immigration thoughts

It seems to me, that tonight we have become witnesses to a most flagrant violation of the U.S. Constitution and disregard of legitimate laws established under it. All being done by a person occupying the seat of President, while thumbing his nose at the American people, the Rule of Law and shaking his fist at our God and Creator, whom he took his oath of office to. This cannot bode well for the future of this Country (what is left of it) and the people.
It is interesting that various congressmen and pundits are spouting ideas as to what can and cannot be done to stop these acknowledged unconstitutional actions. Recent history suggests that all they can and will do is talk and rant that the action is unconstitutional and that he “can’t do that”. Really? He just did it, just like the numerous other things that he “could not do”. Those statements are based upon the premise that we operate under the “Rule of Law”. Rule of Law works ONLY when all parties agree to OBEY the law or suffer the consequences if one violates it. If a person violates the law and is not immediately punished per the law, then he is NOT under the Rule of Law. In the more recent political history, the Rule of Law are just words and have no consequences for violating them. So there is no reason to believe that Obama is in the least bit concerned with the Constitution and the Rule of Law.
One thing that comes to mind upon reading many of the pundits arguments, is that CONGRESS, over the past years, has UNCONSTITUTIONALLY delegated their powers and authority away and given them to the President, his agencies and courts, now they are crying “foul”! Congress has been irresponsible and in violation of their oaths of office and now WE ALL are paying the price as WE did not hold congress accountable either! As a “people”, we have turned our backs on God, our Creator and Sustainer, and have followed the snake oil salesmen promising instant health and wealth.
SO, where does all this leave us here in this little known corner of rural Colorado? Realistically, not much will really change right now since all the illegals were getting all the free hand outs already anyway. All this does is tell us to shut up and stop complaining about the illegals, as they are now “legal”. If Congress cannot take positive physical actions to stop further erosion of our Constitution, and retract ALL the previous unconstitutional allocations of their powers, then we will be witnesses to the fall and collapse of the American Constitutional Republic in our own time! I’m reminded what John Adams said, “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other”. Those that we have chosen to govern us are neither moral or religious and flagrant law breakers!
What steps do we take to prepare for the days ahead?