LIBERTY—the condition of being free from the control of another, whether a person or a government.  Of course the latter is the worst since “liberty, once lost, is lost forever”  John Adams

Here a few more really bad ideas coming from those in our Legislature who do not believe in LIBERTY.  (except for themselves)

HB21-1271 Department Of Local Affairs Innovative Affordable Housing Strategies

State government to interfere in local land use.  ‘Best land use practices’ not defined.  Affordable housing is usually more expensive overall, except perhaps to the occupant.  That means YOU pay for yours AND someone elses.

HB21-1274 Unused State-owned Real Property Beneficial Use

More State meddling.  If State-owned land (ours) is unused, sell it and let the new owner decide its ‘beneficial use’

HB21-1276 Prevention Of Substance Use Disorders

Additional costs and mandates on doctors, pharmacists, and insurance companies will do very little, if anything, to curb the ILLEGAL drug trade in opioids.

HB21-1281 Community Behavioral Health Disaster Program

Community Behavioral Health’ is undefined.  The State Health Dept. does not need additional jurisdiction—it needs less.