2020 Legislature Jan 18


These are just a few bills that caught our attention in this year’s legislative session so far.

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To express your views on any particular matter you can contact:


Rep. Marc Catlin at marc.catlin.house@state.co.us



Sen. Don Coram at don.coram.senate@state.co.us


HB20-1001 Nicotine Product Regulation

Raises age to 21 (emancipated at 18); raises fines from $1000 to $15000; sets up license to sell; more entrapment ala liquor stores

HB20-1006 Early Childhood Mental Health Consultants

Utilize the mental health consultants, through on-site visits, to support a variety of early childhood settings and practices from the prenatal period through 8 years of age.

HB20-1008 Health Care Cost-sharing Consumer Protections

Report specified information to the commissioner of insurance  regarding its operations, financial statements, membership, and medical bills submitted, paid, and denied; aimed at Medi-Share for one

*HB20-1031 Replace Columbus Day With New State Holiday

Another attack on culture and tradition; contains ‘safety clause’

***HB20-1033 Live And Let Live Act

Addresses situation with ‘Masterpiece Bake Shop’; protects from Government discrimination on basis of religion————U.S. 1st amend   CO Sec 2

***HB20-1040 Concealed Handguns On School Grounds

Removes restrictions

HB20-1060 Natural Organic Reduction Human Remains

Composting dead bodies seems creepy

**HB20-1062 Colorado Student Free Expression Law

U.S. 1st amend——-CO Sec 2

*HB20-1063 Fundamental Family Rights In Colorado

Aimed at protecting from Government overreach

*HB20-1068 Born Alive Child Physician Relationship

Dr must treat a child born alive (abortion) same as any other patient

**HB20-1070 Local Government Liable Fracking Ban Oil And Gas Moratorium

Local government must pay lost royalties

Due process clauses———–takings clauses

**HB20-1075 Protect Human Life At Conception

And nullifies any Federal law, rule, treaty, or judgment to the contrary

Due process clauses

*HB20-1081 Multilingual Ballot Access

Ridiculous.  Learn English and American culture and obtain citizenship  before we let you vote

***HB20-1098 Prohibition On Abortion After Twenty-two Weeks

Due process clauses

***HB20-1099 Repeal Ammunition Magazine Prohibition

U.S. 2nd amend————CO Sec 2

*HB20-1114 Protect Minors From Mutilation And Sterilization

Prohibits sex reassignment

HB20-1126 Local Control Approvals Oil And Gas Applications

State must approve permit passed locally

HB20-1135 Replace High School Social Studies Assessment

Adds citizenship test to State assessment tests

HB20-1142 Hazard Mitigation Grant Program

Establishes fees from insurers to fund an enterprise

*HB20-1144 Parent’s Bill Of Rights

**HB20-1147 Reasonable Independence For Children In Activities

Good idea, open to misinterpretation by authorities———–free range parenting

Neither Constitution gives authority to interfere in reasonable parenting style

*HB20-1149 16-year-olds Voting In School District Elections

Not mature enough to buy certain products, enlist, etc then not to vote either

SB20-002 Rural Economic Development Initiative Grant Program

As if we don’t have enough already

SB20-004 Post-secondary Education Loan Repayment Assistance

So Colorado taxpayers without a degree will pay for those who do

*SB20-020 Reduce The State Income Tax Rate

4.63 to 4.49

*SB20-049 Senior Property Tax Exemption Medical Necessity

Restores property tax exemption if senior must move due to medical reasons

SB20-054 Rural Development Grant Program Creation

This never works, otherwise we would have succeeded with the other programs

**SB20-064 Authority Attorney General Challenge Fed-reviewed Mergers And Antitrust

Feds regulate interstate commerce

U.S. Art1 Sec 8

**SB20-083 Prohibit Courthouse Civil Arrest

Seems like a slam at I.C.E., feds enforce immigration law

U.S. Art 1 Sec 8

**SB20-100 Repeal The Death Penalty

Death penalty is not a deterrent because we don’t use it.  It has worked every time we did

Due process clauses

*SB20-105 Daylight Saving Time Observed Year Round

SB20-108 Landlord Prohibitions Tenant Citizenship Status


** = Constitutional concerns

* = Kill Committee

HB 20-1001 thru 1163       at least 19 bills deal with school or childhood issues

SB 20-101 thru 113           at least 17 bills deal with school or childhood issues