With only three more weeks left in the session–adjournment is 12 June—the bills are getting worse and worse, and being rushed through committee.  Some have even waived third reading in a rush for the vote of the Committee of the Whole.

HB21-1311 Income Tax

Changes reporting requirements for personal and business income tax purposes, with the result of raising your tax.  Attempts to make Colorado tax law more consistent with other states.  And of course includes the ‘safety clause’ because it’s for the ‘immediate preservation of the public peace, health, or safety’.

HB21-1312 Insurance Premium Property Sales Severance

This bill also changes definitions and exemptions again with the net result of increasing taxes on certain segments of the economy

HB21-1314 Department Of Revenue Action Against Certain Documents

Removes denial of a driver’s license because of unpaid fine or fees (except for the DMV fees)  Also removes denial because of certain convictions.

HB21-1315 Costs Assessed To Juveniles In The Criminal Justice System

Removes certain costs and fees to a juvenile or a juveniles family.

HB21-1318 Create Outdoor Equity Grant Program

‘The purpose of the outdoor equity grant program is to increase access and opportunity for underserved youth and their families to experience Colorado’s open spaces, state parks, public lands, and other outdoor areas’.  Funded by lottery money.

HB21-1321 Voter Transparency In Ballot Measures

Requires more fiscal information–charts and graphs–on initiated measures.  Increases burden on citizen ballot measures.

HB21-1322 Gasoline And Special Fuel Tax Restructuring

‘The bill restructures the excise tax on gasoline and special fuel’

SB21-273 Pre-trial Reform. 

Restructures bonding, not necessarily for the better.  ‘The bill prohibits a peace officer from arresting a person based solely on the alleged…’